Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the ride and what are the deadlines for registration and what are the fees?

  • May 5 - May 10, 2018. Adult fees $650; 14 - 16 $380; 12 - 14 $320. Registration deadline February 28, 2018 or if the ride fills, registrations will close.

Why fundraise?

  • Because every cent donated, goes to its intended cause. We have deliberately kept registrations as low as possible to encourage you to fundraise. This does NOT have to come out of your pocket. Fundraising can be done in a multitude of ways and if you are out of ideas, drop us a line and we can help you. Every time you make a donation or someone donates to you, it is tax deductible and you or they will automatically receive a receipt when it is paid online via our website.

What type of cyclists ride the R'n'R MTB Adventure and will be able to do it?

  • The ride is to encourage cyclists to try riding on dirt roads and check out our beautiful outback.
  • As long as you can handle the distance, you should be able to do the ride.

Do I need a new bike and what sort of bike do I need?

  • No, your bike does not need to be new but it does need to be in good mechanical order.
  • A mountain bike  with good sturdy tyre will handle this ride. It is preferable to have tubeless tyres.

What is the route like - and are there any hills?

  • Hills!!! What hills? Yes there are a few but we like to call them undulations.
  • Day 1 is the longest Day about 130km.  If you cannot make the whole distance, we can have you uplifted to Top Cat Pass.
  • On day 1 you ride over the Lappa Range - it is 10% gradient but very do-able.
  • Day 5 features the Newcastle Range. A long, undulating climb on bitumen with a few pinches, but the 12km of dirt along the top of the ridge makes it all worthwhile.

Is there an age limit?

  • 12 - 16 years with parental permission

Do I need to carry money?

  • Yes definitely. We strongly encourage supporting local communities. As you will witness, they are struggling a little in some of these smaller outback cetnres so where possible please support local business.

I don't like camping. What type of accommodation is there?

  • Not a lot. If you want to ride your bike and see the great Australian outback, you need to learn to love camping.
  • There is some accommodation at a few of the places that we visit. Contact numbers are included on the Meals and Accommodation page.

Can my family come on the ride?

  • If on a bike, yes of course. But  we are going to discourage supporters and keep this as a boutique event for riders. But we will need volunteers.
  • And if you are worried about a lift back, you can always hop on the Savannahlander for the return trip

If I am unsupported, what happens with my gear and bike?

  • We will have vehicles along to carry your luggage and bring your bike back or your family can meet us in Forsayth.

What about food and drink on the ride

  • We will provide morning and afternoon tea, lunch and evening meals.
  • If you have special dietary needs, there will be provision for that as well.
  • It is recommended you bring extra nibbles and water bottles to have between stops.

What if I get a flat tyre on the ride or have a mechanical breakdown?

  • You should have a fair idea of how to change a tyre on the ride and we also recommend tubeless tyres, as there is less chance of a flat.
  • There will be a mechanic following the ride

Riders insurance: Am I insured in case of an accident?

  • The Foundation does have public liability insurance but we strongly recommend you obtain insurance through one of the following organisations:
  • Bicycle Queensland
  • Cycling Queensland
  • Mountain Bike Australia

What if my jersey is the wrong size

  • We order jerseys according to the size you request, so it is strongly recommended you order the correct size. We do have some sample sizes in the Foundation office so feel free to come in and try before you order.

Will there be medical support on the ride?

  • Yes we have an excellent crew of medical support.